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Enjoy the Wildlife in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka offers a number of wildlife parks located in different parts of the island. You could choose the parks you want to visit according to your interest. They offer safari camping, bird watching and enjoying seeing wildlife in their natural habitat. Elephant, leopard, bear, deer and many other species of animals could be seen. The following are the wildlife parks and activities on offer.

Safari camping

Sri Lanka offers a number of beautiful locations for safari camping. The most popular location is Yala in Southern Sri Lanka. This is because of the high density of leopards there. Udawalawe is the next and it is best known for watching elephants. If you want to make safari camping in a rain forest, you need to choose Singharaja. Horton plains is another location for safari camping, and it is the one in the highest elevation. Kalpitiya is a marine sanctuary where you could go for safari camping. In addition to these few, there are many others where safari camping facilities are available.

Bird Watching

Sri Lanka offers quite a few excellent locations for bird watching. There are over 400 species of birds of which at least 23 are endemic to Sri Lanka. The country has a number of bird sanctuaries located in the dry zone, as well as in the wet hill country. Coastal bird sanctuaries offer lagoons, swarms plains and jungles where large flocks of birds could be watched. There are lots of migrant birds also there for you to watch.

Yala National Park

Located 300km away from Colombo on the southeastern coast of the island, Yala National Park is home to at least 215 species of birds and 44 species of mammals. It boasts of one of the highest concentrations of leopard in the world. Since it also has coastal areas, a variety of animals including elephant, bear, dear and many others could be seen there. Picturesque landscape is an added bonus a visitor will enjoy.


Situlpahuwa is an ancient temple located in Yala National Park. Distance from Tissamaharama is around 30km. This temple has two stupas situated on rocks and a lake. Since you travel in the wilderness inside the park, it becomes an interesting trip to make.

Kumana National Wild Life Park   

Kumana National Wildlife Park located in the southeastern tip of Sri Lanka is best known for its birds. It becomes a paradise for bird watchers as there are many different species of birds such as storks, spoonbills, herons and hundreds of others that nestle and roost there. Kumana villu which is a natural swarm lake found inside the park makes it the most suitable place for water birds. With all these of offer you could expect to enjoy watching lots of birds with some of them in large flocks.

These are only a few wildlife attractions available for you in Sri Lanka. Ample facilities are there as there are holiday bungalows, camping facilities and many other types of accommodation at your disposal. In addition to the good road network, safari vehicles are also available where you need them.