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Eastern and Northern Coast Beaches in Sri Lanka

Another set of stunning beaches can be seen in eastern and northern coastline which stretches from Arugam Bay to Kuchchaveli. This coastal line approximately covers 275 kilometers with sandy beaches, crystal clear sea, deep natural harbors, and underwater coral gardens.  Some of the best beaches in eastern and northern coastline are Kuchchaveli, Nilaveli, Marble Bay, Dead Man’s Cove, Sweat Bay, Kalkudah, Passekudah, and Arugam Bay.     

Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is a warm and sunny beach situated in Ampara district. It is about 314 kilometers away from Colombo.  Arugam Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in Eastern coastline. It is an ideal place for underwater photography, as well as for all kinds of water sports. Divers can get stunning experience through many shipwrecks off the coast.

Kalkudah Beach

Kalkudah beach is situated 32 kilometers north to Batticaloa. This is also a warm and sunny beach which stretches for 2 kilometers. This is ideal for bathing because the sea is very clear, clam and reef-protected. There are a number of tropical fish and coral reefs can be seen. Kalkudah beach is also good for water sport enthusiasts and nature lovers. Windsurfing, sun bathing, and skiing are possible there. This beach is a popular tourist destination in Sri Lanka because; it is one of the finest beaches in the region.  

Passekudah Beach

Passekudah beach is 4 kilometers wide, and situated in the south side of the Kalkudah beach. This is also a fine beach just like Kalkudah. Calm and crystal clear sea makes it ideal for swimming and for water sports. The beach is fully covered by coconut palms, and it creates a wonderful stretch in the east coast.     

Nilaveli Beach

Nilaveli beach can be referred as the most beautiful beach in Sri Lanka. It is situated in Trincomalee district, 271 kilometers away from Colombo.  It is a warm and sunny beach which facilitates for plenty of water sports and sea angling. Scuba diving and boat rides are popular there. Another especially in Nilaveli beach is whale watching. The beach is ideal for sunbathing as well.  


As you all know, Trincomalee is one of the most wonderful natural harbors. You can see sandy beaches with clear and calm sea. It is one of the best places for sea bathing. They are perfect hangouts for beach buffets.

Jaffna Beach

Situated on the northern tip of Sri Lanka. Wonderful sandy beaches in Jaffna are suitable for tourists who love to bask under the warm sun.