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Explore the wildlife of Sri lanka

Sri Lanka offers a number of wildlife parks to enable wildlife enthusiasts to watch animals, birds, reptiles, and even butterflies. Since different parks are better known for different species of wildlife, it is a good idea to explore them before you make your visit in order to get the best out of your trip.


Located 225km away from Colombo, Wasgamuwa National Park has a herd of 150 wild elephants. Both species of monkeys endemic to Sri Lanka could be seen there as well. Water buffalo and deer are the other commonly found animals. It is observed that this wild life park is home to 143 species of birds of which 8 are endemic to Sri Lanka. Three bungalows are available inside the park where visitors could find accommodation.

Maduru Oya

Located 288km away from Colombo bordering Anuradhapura, Badulla and Polonnaruwa districts. The Maduru Oya National Park is home to 150 to 200 wild elephants making it an excellent location for watching elephants. Among other animals that could be seen there, visitors will find spotted deer, wild boar, water buffalo, sloth bear, leopard and many others. There are a number of species of birds as well. Sri Lanka jungle fowl, painted stork, and woodpecker are a few you will find. This sanctuary for animals has lots of savanna grass lands that facilitate watching elephants.


Minneriya National Wild Life Park is located between Habarana and Minneriya. It is well known for its wild elephants. Many travel guides have given publicity to the amazing sight of 150 to 200 elephants in a single herd in this sanctuary during the dry season. The elephants come to the grassland around the Minneriya Tank allowing visitors to watch them at close quarters. There is a lot more animals and birds also in this wildlife park and it offers enjoyment to every kind of wild life lover.

Gal Oya

The most famous feature of Gal Oya National Park is its herd of elephant that could be seen all around the year. The sanctuary harbors 32 species of animals that include leopard, deer, water buffalo, monkey and many others. There are 150 species of birds for the visitors to watch. There are several routes to reach this wildlife park and it is located 368km away from the Sri Lankan Capital.


Udawalawa National Park is well known for its elephants and water birds. Since there are large areas covered by grasslands elephant watchers could see elephants in their wild habitat quite easily when they visit this place. Its location is 165km away from Colombo. The permanently resident population of elephants is estimated to be around 250. There is an elephant transit home that looks after abandoned elephant calves within the park. Udawalawa is well known for bird watching as well.

All these wildlife parks are easily accessible and offer ample facilities to visitors. Some of them offer accommodation while there are arrangements to hire vehicles to visit all of them. As they offer ample facilities for lovers of wildlife they are loved by wildlife enthusiasts from all over the world.