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Eco Tourism in Sri Lanka for Nature Lovers

Sri Lanka is a paradise when it comes to Eco tourism. It has rain forests to trek and streams to kayak. There are also excellent places for mountain biking. You have the option to watch wild animals in their natural habitat. You also could engage in bird watching. The island is gaining popularity on whale and dolphin watching also. The following are the details of some of these activities you could engage in.

Canoeing and Kayaking

There are some excellent streams and lakes where you could engage in this activity in Sri Lanka. Kalu Ganga, a river that flows from the central hills of the country and meets the sea at Kalutara is one of the best rivers for canoeing. The main reason is because it is flowing through beautiful landscape. Those who like canoeing in reservoirs also have a good choice. Samanalaweva is one of the best reservoirs located in an area rich in scenic beauty. Bird life available in the area makes it still more interesting to engage in canoeing there.

White water rafting

There are also some excellent streams suitable for white water rafting in the island. The best is Kelani River at Kitulgala. It has 5 major rapids as well as 4 minor rapids to enable you to enjoy your whitewater rafting experience to the full. There are tour operators that provide enthusiasts with facilities as you need a modern raft and safety gear. Also, you need to get guidance from an instructor. Only those who are over 10 years of age could engage in this water sport.

Turtle watching

There are five species of turtles arriving on the beaches of Sri Lanka to lay eggs. If you are interested in watching them laying eggs the best is to visit the shores in Sri Lanka during the night. However, there is no guarantee when you need to be there and that you will succeed as it is the turtle that dictates the terms on dates and times. However, there are many who have witnessed this spectacular event.

Whale and dolphin watching

Sri Lanka offers ample opportunities for whale and dolphin watching. It has become well known for this activity during the past few years. The best location for watching whales is off Dondra Point. If you go out to sea during December, January or February you are almost sure to be able to watch some whales. There are sperm whales as well as blue whales arriving there. You have a good chance of seeing spinning dolphins there as well. Dondra Point is close to Mirissa.

When it comes to dolphin watching, the best place is the sea of the coast of Kalpitiya which is close to Puttalam. They could be seen there from November to March. 1000 to 1500 dolphins could be seen on one occasion. Whale and dolphin watching is possible off the eastern coast also during the months of June to September.

With all these options being available in Sri Lanka offers all the opportunities the discerning Eco tourist is looking for. There are many operators who provide facilities and arrange trips. You only need to be present at the right time for your activity.