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Ancient Cities and Heritage Sites of Sri Lanka


Anuradhapura is the largest and the oldest ancient city which situated in the north central province in Sri Lanka.  It has been grouped as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This was the kingdom of more than 250 Buddhist and Hindu kings. Anuradhapura was used as the most excellent city in Sri Lanka for 1400 years. It was not used only as a city, but also as a great Buddhist Centre in South Asia.

This great city carries many Buddhist monuments, cultural heritages, as well as great architectural creations which were made in ancient time. Great stupas such as Ruwanmeli Seya, Thupaaramaya, Abhayagiriya and Jethawanaramaya can be seen there. Additionally, unbelievable Buddha statues like “Samadhi Buddha” and “Awkana Buddha” also can be seen. Anuradhapura has wealthy historical and archeological importance. Therefore, it is one of the greatest places to see anyone who love to learn ancient heritages in Sri Lanka.  


Polonnaruwa is another best world heritage owned by Sri Lanka. In the 11th century AD, the Sinhalese capital moved from Anuradhapura to Polonnaruwa because of the invading Tamil forces. Polonnaruwa was used as the second capital in Sri Lanka for three centuries. It has many well preserved ruins of palaces and monasteries. Hence, Polonnaruwa is an attractive treasure in Sri Lanka.  

Polonnaruwa is consisting with many cultural and Buddhist treasures like Gal Viharaya, Watadage, Hatadage, Rankoth Vehera, Kiri wehera, Demala Maha Seya, Nishshanka Latha Mandapaya, and Royal Palace of King Parakramabahu.

Sigiriya – The Lion Rock

Sigiriya is also known as “The Lion Rock”. It is the eighth wonder in the world. It was the kingdom of “King Kashshapa”. Its extraordinary design and the stunning ancient values impress anyone who comes there. Amazing stone caves and water garden at the base of the rock impress any visitor. A large lion paw referred as ‘The Lion Gate’ is the entrance to this mysterious ancient kingdom.  You can also see the mirror wall during the journey you go to the top of the rock. It is a place that shows early Singhalese scripts. You can also see the world renowned artistry there with numerous historical remains. The palace which rests on top of a 600ft rock was built in the 5th century. You can see miles around when you get to the top of the rock.  

Sigiriya is truly a wonderful place you must visit during your life.


Dambulla Raja Maha Viharaya also known as Dambulla Cave Temple or Golden Temple is located about 12 miles from Sigiriya on the Sigiriya-Kandy main road. Dambulla is a part of the cultural triangle stated by UNESCO.  Dambulla is a world heritage town built around a huge lonely rock.  Dambulla Cave Temple is one of the renowned Buddhist temples in the world. This inspiring place was founded by King Walagamba. It was in the 1st century BC.   

The temple is consisting with about 80 caves. Some of these caves were used by monks for their meditation activities. The temple has around 157 Buddha and Bodhisatta statues.  You can see precious and amazing paintings all over the temple including the ceilings and walls. 

This place is ideal to study the evolution of ancient Sinhalese art and craft.