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Sri Lanka - A Paradise for Holiday Makers

Sri Lanka is an island of 65610 square kilometers of land area located in the Indian Ocean close to the southern tip of India. It has a population of little over 20 million people according to 2010 census. The country is rated as one of the best locations for holiday makers as it has sandy beaches, beautiful mountain peaks, lush vegetation, and several wildlife parks and on top of all, remains of its glorious ancient cities. Also, its people are friendly and welcoming. In case you are visiting Sri Lanka, you will experience all these.


When it comes to Sri Lanka, there is no off season for tourism as far as climate is concerned. The island’s western and southern parts get rain from the southwest monsoon from May to July and the northeast monsoon brings in the rains during December and January to the north and east of the country. The temperature of the coastal areas of Sri Lanka averages around 27.1°C while the central hills are cold with an average temperature of 16°C.


Currency unit in Sri Lanka is Sri Lanka Rupee. There are 100 cents to the rupee.  You could exchange most of the major foreign currencies from banks located at the arrival lounge of the airport as well as in many cities.

Tourist police

In case you need assistance from police, you only need to contact officer in charge, Tourist police, Division, No. 80, Colombo 3 over their telephone numbers of 0112421070 or 0112382209 if you are in Sri Lanka.


The Katunayaka Bandaranaika International airport is the main airport in the country for international flights which is just 20 minutes drive away from Colombo on the express way.  The newly built Mattala Mahinda Rajapaksha international airport is also in operation. Most internal flights operate from Ratmalana airport which is just 16km away from Colombo.

Banking hours

Sri Lanka has several private banks and three main government owned banks. They have a wide network of branches equipped with ATMs and the banking hours are generally from 9.00 am to 3.00pm.

Duty free shopping

Both arrival lounge and the departure area of airports have duty free shops. They sell quite a few commodities including electronic items, tea and liquor.  

Baggage concessions

Those who visit Sri Lanka must declare all gems, jewellery and other valuables on arrival. If you don’t have anything worth of declaring, you could take the green channel.


Sri Lanka uses 230 to 240 volts 50 cycles per second A.C. current.


There is a good road network in Sri Lanka and public transport facilities are offered by government owned bus services and those operated by private operators. There are rail services to many cities as well. In case you want to hire cars there is ample facilities for that too.

Telephone services

The entire island is covered with direct dialing telephone services. There are four mobile phone operators as well. Most of them cover the entire island.

There are lots of websites that offer travel guides on Sri Lanka. You only need to visit one of them in case you need more information on visiting Sri Lanka as a tourist.