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Sri Lanka is famous for its natural beauty and wildlife

If you love watching wildlife, Sri Lanka offers ample facilities for you with its numerous national wildlife parks. The following are some of them and each one offers its own specialties. Some of these locations are found on your way to wildlife parks.


The Wilpattu National Park is located 180km away from Colombo to the north. It is the largest wildlife park in the country. The specialty of this park is the numerous villus it has. These are large water holes that hold rain water. Wilpattu is best known for its high leopard population. Elephant, leopard, sloth bear, water buffalo and many other species of animals with a total of 31 species could be found there. Numerous birds and reptiles also could be seen.

Bundala Bird Sanctuary

Located just 15 kilometers east of Hambantota, this bird sanctuary is a heaven for bird watchers. Large flocks of flamingoes could be seen throughout the year in this location. In addition to that there are other resident birds as well as seasonal visitors. In total, there are 197 species of birds in this sanctuary for birds. However, there are elephants, leopards, turtles, crocodiles and many other species of wildlife live in this sanctuary. It spans along the beach, and is covered with shrub jungle.


Pinnawala is well known as an elephant orphanage. Abandoned baby elephants and injured and disabled wild jumbos are finding refuge in this orphanage for elephants. The location is ideal for the purpose as “Ma Oya”, a river provides plenty of water and space for elephants to bathe. A visitor present there in the morning could witness the elephant calves being bottle fed by their caretakers around 9.00am. They are taken for bathing at 10.00am and are brought back at 2.00pm. There are around 84 elephants at present.