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Eco tourism in Sri Lanka is a huge trend right now

Sri Lanka offers a variety of locations for nature lovers to visit. Some of them are rain forests while there are also areas where one could watch whales and dolphins. One also will find excellent locations for hiking/trekking as well. There are also spots that are suitable for water sports. This is not all and there are many more. As such, it is a good idea to explore some of these locations.

Jathika Namal Uyana

Located 159km away from Colombo, Jathika Namal Uyana has the largest rose pink quartz deposit in South Asia. It is located in 105 hectares of land covered with Ironwood trees which are called Na trees by locals. When you enter the reserve, until you reach the rose pink quartz deposit you will be able to walk under the shade of these trees. However, there are other types of plants also in between including the undergrowth and creepers. This location is a nice place for nature lovers to trek. Though situated in the dry zone in the country, it is not tiring to make it as you walk under the shade. As a bonus, you will be able to witness the large rock of rose pink quartz.

IFS-Popham arboretuem-dambulla

Popham arboretuem is a man made garden with tropical trees. Mr. Sam Popham has bought a 7.5 acre plot of land in Dambulla in 1963 which was just shrub jungle as it was a piece of land neglected after over cultivation. He has cleared it and grown plants that were found in the forests in the area. Presently the extent has grown to 27 acres offering a beautiful ecosystem. The place is owned by IFS at present and managed by Ruk Rekaganno as it was gifted to Institute of Fundamental Studies by Mr. Popham. When you visit this place, you could get a guide who will show you around. There is a variety of trees that grow in the country’s dry zone such as Ebony and satin. Quite a few species of animals also are living in this habitat. Probably, you will see some of them when you visit.

Arankele, Hiking/Trekking

Arankele is a ruined hermitage of 8th century but the origin is the hermitage which is believed to be dating back to 3rd century BC. As you enter the site, you will find the ruins of main monastery and beyond that there is the meditation walkway. It is around 250 meters long and extends another 250 meters to the present day walkway for monks. This leads to the present monastery. Anyone who likes hiking/trekking, this is the perfect place as there is jungle to provide shade and ruins to examine on the way. Location of Arankele has been just 25km north of Kurunegala. One thing to remember when you visit is that you must not make any noise that could disturb the meditating monks.

All these are places located in Sri Lanka’s dry zone and dry weather prevails most of the year. This will enable you to enjoy your hiking in bright sunshine. However, it rains in December and January.